Other Services

Pictured above: "Selbstporträt als Essiggurkerl" by Erwin Wurm

SUSTAINABLE ART PROJECTS LLC provides a comprehensive range of services consisting of the following modules, each of which is also available individually:

•  Preliminary concept based on client’s instructions and situation, e.g. visual presence, budget, predilections, existing works of art, architectural potential of premises

•  Pre-selection of high-quality fine art in co-operation with partner galleries and curators - whether you wish to purchase or lease a piece of art

•  Presentation of various proposals and advice during the selection process

•  Final concept, including all pieces selected by client

•  Placement and installation of pieces selected by client

•  Coverage with fine-art insurance and, if required, financing respectively leasing

•  Support in the evaluation, sale and / or storage of pieces already in client’s possession


My Art Manager, made available and customized for you:

MY ART MANAGER is a mobile, smart and secure solution for cataloging and managing corporate art collections.  All documents will be efficiently managed (Certificates, Artist Biographies, Custom forms etc.)
This technology will be set up for you, adapted to your needs, and maintained for hand over to you upon completion of the project. You may also opt for us to continue to manage the art maintenance for you after project completion.

•  Swiss made
•  Utmost  security and reliability
•  Tailored to your needs
•  Specialized Support
•  Desktop and Mobile
•  Intuitive operation